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Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia


Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (IzVRS) is a specialized professional organization for water resources management and freshwater and maritime engineering. It provides wide range of services from research work, studies, environmental and risk assessments, consulting up to final design.

IzVRS has been founded in the early sixties, under the name Water Management Institute, with the transfer of activities on water management from Republic Water Board and Design bureau from Port of Koper and existing Hydraulic Laboratory, the later established in 1937. Three departments, Water Management Department and Department for Maritime Engineering and Hydraulic Laboratory have been set up. The Hydraulic Laboratory operates from January 1996 again as independent company.

Water Management Department elaborates water management and hydrological studies and legal regulations which serve Republic of Slovenia and its executive office Ministry for Agriculture and the Environment for preparation and adaptation to EU regulations of respective legislation including surface and underground water protection and quality restoration and provides conceptual to final design of water supply and treatment, ameliorations, irrigations, accumulations, retentions, river regulations, floods and erosion protection, solid waste disposal and waste water treatment. All site hydrological measurements and biological measurements are available.

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Inštitut za vode Republike Slovenije
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Contact person for the LIFE+ project: Igor Kovačič


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