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Slovenia Forest Service

The Slovenia Forest Service is a public institution, established by the Republic of Slovenia (The Act on Forests, 1993), which performs public forestry service in all Slovenian forests, irrespective of ownership.

At state level it is organized with its central unit in Ljubljana, at regional level in 14 regional units, and at local level it has 93 local units and 408 forest districts. The Slovenia Forest Service also comprises 10 hunting reserves with a special purpose whose task is sustainable management of wild animals, protection of rare and endangered animal species and they also perform activities of hunting tourism. The Slovenia Forest Service employs 813 staff, of which 688 are forestry experts.

The public forestry service is nearly entirely funded from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia whereas hunting reserves with a special purpose are mostly self-financed. It does not itself perform any felling, extraction, transport and selling of wood, nor forest trade.

Main tasks and activities of the Slovenia Forest Service are:

  • Forest management planning
  • Silviculture and forest protection
  • Forestry technique
  • Wildlife and hunting
  • Public relations and education of forest owners
  • and other fields that consist of expert orientation in letting out work in state forests, supervising the realisation of work and accepting performed works by procuration of the Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

Other LIFE projects of the Service:

Zavod za gozdove Slovenije
Večna pot 2, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Phone: 00 386 1 470 00 50
Contact person for the LIFE+ project: Špela Habič, MA,



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