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Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora

Center za kartografijo favne in flore (Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora) – CKFF – is a non-profit institute founded in 1996. The main aim of the CKFF is to collect, organize and disseminate data and information about occurrence of plant and animal species in Slovenia. It maintains possibly the largest biodiversity database in Slovenia, currently with more than 1.700.000 records. The relational database is the product of the CKFF knowledge and is wholly maintained by CKFF. Through web application (developed and designed by CKFF) the data (mainly the images) are accessible to the broader audience.
CKFF is working on surveys of flora, fauna and habitat types for Nature Conservation and Spatial Planning purposes.

CKFF employs some of leading Slovenian specialists for amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies, freshwater fish, crayfish and bats. It also offers consultancy, GIS support and web programming for various natural science and nature conservation projects.

CKFF was involved in the Project for the designation of Natura 2000 sites for amphibians, bats, dragonflies and non-forest habitats in Slovenia and is involved in National Monitoring Schemes for butterflies, amphibians, bats and crayfish.

CKFF was also involved in a number of international projects: several Phare and Interreg III projects, Indicative map PEEN SEE (PanEuropean Ecological Network in South-Eastern Europe), FP6 projects DAISIE, ALARM and EuMon and FP7 project SCALES.




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