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Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia

The Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia (ZZRS) was founded on April 19, 2001 by government decree of the transformation from Zavod za ribištvo Ljubljana, established by decree of the Executive Council of the Peoples Republic of Slovenia on December 31, 1960. According to the founding decree the spheres of activities of the ZZRS are very heterogeneous. ZZRS perform the most important tasks of the public service:

  • to keep the fishing cadastre by authority of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and
  • to issue the expert opinions with the reference to planning and building constructions connected with water ecosystem and channel regulations.

The fishing cadastre contains data dealing with the fish fauna of Slovenian waters (sport fishing as well as the protected ones), some basic biological characteristics and data of their management.

ZZRS is also authorized for:

  • managing some sport fishing and protected parts of streams and lakes in Slovenia,
  • exercise expert control over management of the fishing districts,
  • managing four fish farms for rearing autochthonous fish species for the repopulation of the sport fishing and protected areas of freshwater,
  • research and expert tasks in the field of freshwater and marine fishing,
  • biological and ichthyological investigations of the freshwater and sea,
    monitoring of the water quality,
  • advising, education, publicizing and publishing in the fishery.

The studies of the influence concerning pollution and water quality on fish populations, ichthyological studies of open waters and the protection of the natural heritage encompass a large part of the institute investigations. Intensive research on the technology of the breeding of particularly salmonoid fish species like marble trout, brown trout and lake trout, grayling and the huchen has been carried out since the founding of the institute. In recent years, the technology of the breeding pike and freshwater crayfish is also being studied as well as the breeding of the rainbow trout and the brook charr for the market.

Other LIFE projects of the Institute:

Zavod za ribištvo Slovenije (ZZRS) / Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia
Spodnje Gameljne 61 a, 1211 Ljubljana-Šmartno, Slovenija
Phone: 0(1) 24 43 400, fax: 0(1) 24 43 405



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