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National Institute of Biology

National Institute of Biology (NIB) is the largest independent Public Research Institution for Life Sciences in Slovenia. The basic activity of the Institute has been and continues to be basic, developmental and applicative research in the fields of biotechnology, biophysics, biomedicine and system biology.

The department of NIB that is involved in the project is the Department of Organisms and Ecosystems Research (EKOS), which includes internationally leading researchers in the fields of taxonomy, ethology, ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation. Our references are specifically strong in the fields of animal ecology, biodiversity surveys and nature conservation. Researchers at EKOS work with diverse animal groups: from vertebrates to invertebrates; living on the land, and in freshwaters; in the surface and subterranean ecosystems. We study various topics like the species ecological roles in the ecosystem; species habitat selection and habitat modelling; invasive potentials of alien species; and especially conservation biology topics including monitoring, management and conservation of biodiversity. Because of such holistic approach, we have a deep understanding about the importance of biodiversity in various ecosystems and about its influence on human well-being.

NIB, and specifically EKOS, has sufficient expertise and resources for coordination and implementation of the proposed activities in the project. The group already:

  • coordinates the national monitoring scheme of beetle species included on the EU list of conservation concern, 
  • conducts studies on endangered bird and reptile species biology and their conservation in farmland and forest ecosystems, 
  • conducts targeted surveys of native and alien freshwater crayfish to study biological invasive potentials and develop applicative methods of invasive species control,
  • develops more efficient sampling protocols and methods for endangered and invasive species that occur close or below detection threshold of conventional sampling methods.

Members of the Department are already recognized by the general public and policy makers as experts wholly dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. Beside papers in the top international scientific journals, we regularly contribute popular articles to national newspapers and often participate in TV or radio interviews on the topics of nature conservation. The latter is important part of biodiversity conservation since public awareness about these generally unknown issues is crucial. EKOS is also coordinating dedicated to raising awareness of biodiversity and education of threats and values of biodiversity for the society.
As a project beneficiary, NIB will be included in most core activities of the project, namely, the analysis of current species situation in Slovenia, participation in new development of species conservation measures and advanced development of monitoring schemes, as well as outreach.

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