Štirna, Institute for Sustainable Solutions (STIRNA) is a new organisation, which is specialised in planning and implementing sustainable solutions. The Institute is implementing solutions in nature as well as educational and communication projects, which are supporting sustainable goals. We believe in sustainable, but we do not believe it has to be always development. Sometimes it is just about solutions and good practices that were developed through generations in coexistence with nature. Our mission is to bring into life solutions which will contribute to nature conservation and at the same time support inhabitants with capacity to live quality life.

Institute Štirna is a new one, but the knowledge and experiences of founders are the foundation for high quality solutions. One of the founders is a communication expert with 20 years of experience in environmental and nature conservation communication. Her projects were rewarded with seven national awards for efficient communication. She was managing communication for two Natura 2000 projects – one in Slovenia (Communication Support to Natura 2000 in 2007) and the second one in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Support to the Implementation of Birds and Habitats Directives in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2014 and 2015). She has implemented over 60 workshops on different subjects in effective communication. She works at her own business for over 9 years - primarily in Slovenia, but she has worked on projects in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Cyprus, Italy and Austria. The second founder is a biologist who has wide experience in education system – on the level of the public system, publishers and also in working with schools – with teachers and pupils. She is training herself in communication for last two years and her knowledge on the nature conservation subjects is an important part of the Institute Štirna. The third founder is a typical Slovenian farmer – with a full-time job and small farm of 4 hectares of the land on highland. Most of the land of farm is on the border with Natura 2000. His experience is founded on past generations with testing new solutions according to climate changes in Vipava valley.



Štirna, zavod za trajnostne rešitve
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Gradišče pri Vipavi
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