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The Slovenian Forestry Institute

The Slovenian Forestry Institute is a public research institute, which conducts basic and applied research on forests and forest landscapes, forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, hunting, forest management, and other uses of the resources and services forests provide. The scientific knowledge from these fields helps further the research on forest biodiversity and its management in relation to climate change.

As part of its research programme and related studies, the Institute also provides forestry and environmental services in the public interest.

The Slovenian Forestry Institute intensively monitors forests as part of the public forestry service. This includes surveying and recording forest degradation and damage, providing a diagnostic reporting service, developing an information system for research purposes, and monitoring forestry seeding and nursery activities.

The Institute is also committed to sustainable forest management and the conservation of its biological diversity, as well as to the further development and organization of the Slovenian forestry system and forestry policy.


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Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije / Slovenian Forestry Institute
Vecna pot 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386-1-200 7800
Fax: +386-1-257 3589


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