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University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology

University of Ljubljana is the oldest, the largest and internationally best ranked university in Slovenia. The University was established in 1919 and encompasses 23 faculties. The University is very active in national and international research and educational programs and creates almost half of the research results in Slovenia. Its member faculties have been involved in numerous projects, both national and EU, and have sufficient expertise and resources for coordination and management of even the largest and most difficult ones.

The University, Biotechnical faculty, Department of Biology joins researchers and scientists with a wide range of knowledge on biodiversity, experts with specific knowledge on taxonomy, ecology and conservation. The group of researchers at the Department has a long tradition of research and conservation of biodiversity.

The partner has a long history of successfully conducted European projects (over 125 on the Biotechnical Faculty alone), among which are LIFE projects and other financial schemes (Horizont 2020, Interreg, COST and others). University will provide the partner team with the necessary administrative support, facilities, and stable financing throughout the course of the project.

The partner has extensive experiences in monitoring programs and biodiversity inventories. The partner has a fully equipped molecular genetic laboratory at their disposal, and is experienced in working on the field, deep and vertical caves, in GIS-analyses and database manipulation. The team’s expertise includes classical biodiversity and taxonomic skills, coupled with molecular phylogenetics and conservation genetic.
The project group members have knowledge of different groups of organisms as e.g. subterranean animals, bats, butterflies and moths, plants, ants, large carnivores, etc. The group of expert was involved in expert reports for identification of Natura 2000 sites, the group established and running a national scheme of butterflies monitoring (Natura 2000 species). The partner has extensive experiences in different monitoring programs, biodiversity inventories in karst and cave ecosystems. The University shall provide experts in subterranean biology, biodiversity research and conservation genetics.

The Department of Biology provides the study programme that is adapted to the fast development of biological sciences and the needs of today’s society and links all key fields of biology.

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