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Objectives of LIFE-IP NATURA.SI

Main objective of LIFE-IP NATURA.SI: to enhance management and implementation of Natura 2000 Management Program. Results are going to be achieved via cooperation among various sectors and stakeholders.


LIFE-IP NATURA.SI specific objectives

The project has 4 specific objectives. They are linked to the implementation of concrete conservation measures in the field, to the improvement of Natura 2000 management, to the improvement of recognizability of individual species, and to the improvement of communication.

  1. Improvement of conservation state of selected species and habitat types, as defined in Natura 2000 Management Program.. 
  2. Enhance management of Natura 2000 and implementation of conservation measures defined in Natura 2000 Management Program, by strengthening capacity of key stakeholders of Natura 2000 management.
  3. Improving the knowledge on selected species, habitat types and Natura 2000 sites. Establishing a more efficient monitoring by building a long-term national scheme. 
  4. Raising awareness and level of information about Natura 2000 in regard to species, habitat types and Natura 2000 network. 


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