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Natura 2000 projects

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General information Out of the 33 populations of European large carnivores, only four can be found within a single… Read more

Acronime: LIFE ARTEMISThe LIFE ARTEMIS project aims to contribute to the reduction of the harmful impacts of IAS on… Read more

The overall objective of the LIFE NATURAVIVA project is to highlight the danger of biodiversity loss by informing and… Read more

The project’s main objective focuses on establishing a more strategic territorial approach to the conservation,… Read more

The project’s main objective is to re-establish favourable conservation status for five priority species listed in the… Read more

The main aim of the LIFEGENMON project is to develop a system for forest genetic monitoring (FGM) to serve as an… Read more

The project aims to preserve and enlarge populations of species listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive (birds typical… Read more

The main objective of the project is to prepare the 2014-2020 Natura 2000 Management Programme for Slovenia, which will… Read more

The project aims to improve the coherence of Natura 2000 sites by restoring the functionality of the Ljubljanica River… Read more

Preparatory inventory and activities for the designation of marine IBAs and SPAs for Phalacrocorax aristotelis… Read more

Effective public awareness campaigns can help halt loss of biodiversity and flagship species are frequently used in… Read more

Light pollution is becoming an increasingly important problem that affects a large number of species. Many nocturnal… Read more

European coastal habitats are often vulnerable to the effects of the expansion of tourism and recreation, the… Read more

European wetland habitats have strongly declined in the past two centuries and especially in the past few decades. In… Read more

The wolf (Canis lupus), is a large-carnivore species with a historically controversial relationship with humans. The… Read more

In 2004, awareness on Natura 2000 on national level was regarded to be low. Thus the Ministry decided to launch a… Read more

The Triglav National Park, not too far from the border with Italy, is a well known tourist site in Slovenia. Inside the… Read more

Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve is the largest brackish wetland in Slovenia. It is located on the outskirts of the… Read more

Dry meadows on Vetrnik and Oslica mountains are rare semi-natural habitat - the living space that in Europe is almoust… Read more

Slovenia is among the few European countries with a well-preserved population of brown bear (Ursus arctos), listed as a… Read more
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