Conservation of Natura 2000 sites Kočevsko (LIFE Kočevsko)

The project’s main objective is to re-establish favourable conservation status for five priority species listed in the Birds Directive (Tetrao urogallus, Bonasa bonasia, Dendrocopos leucotus, Picoides tridactylus, Haliaeetus albicilla), one priority species listed in the Habitats Directive (Proteus anguinus) and a priority habitat type listed in the Habitats Directive (caves not open to the public, 8310). By addressing the main causes of their decline, the project intends to upgrade existing management of Kočevsko Natura 2000 sites.

Total budget 2,270,013.00 € , EU contribution 1,135,006.00 €, Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment 681.004 € (30 %).

Coordinator: Občina Kočevje. Partners: ZRSVN (Zavod Republike Slovenije za varstvo narave), Slovenia; ZGS (Zavod za gozdove Slovenije), Slovenia; LU Kočevje (Ljudska univerza Kočevje), Slovenia.

Duration: September 1, 2014 to February 28, 2019

Project reference: LIFE13 NAT/SI/000314

More data: EC webpage

Contact person: Lili Štefanič

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