Conservation of the biodiversity of the Mura river in Slovenia

In October 2006, Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, signed the contract with the EC LIFE office for the five-year project "Conservation of the biodiversity of the Mura river in Slovenia (BIOMURA)". The main aim of the project is to protect habitats and flora and fauna target species listed in the Habitat and Bird directives that are present in the area.

Actions will be performed on 15.2 km2 large flood area of the Mura river in Slovenia. The area lies between high water protection embankements on the section Bunčani - Dokležovje - Ižakovci - Krapje - Melinci and on the main river channel in the length of 8.3 km. Following measures will be implemented: a connection of the main channel of the Mura River with side channels, provision of conditions for the adequate water level at the intake of water into side branches, local widening of the channel, sustainable maintenance of alluvial forests and side channels.

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