Conservation of otter population (Lutra lutra) in Goričko - phase 1

According to data collected so far in Slovenia the most continuous and viable population of Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) in the country seems to live in its north-eastern part, Goričko. It is of vital importance for its viability to assure the permeability of habitat and movement corridor across the State border to the west (Styria - Austria) and to the east (Hungary).

The greatest threat to the corridor mentioned is interfering "black" corridor, consisted of the main road and recently constructed Interstate railway section with its indirect impacts to natural otter habitats. Additional threats are degraded habitats due to the agro-operational works, including ameliorations and regulations of watercourses which took place in last decades. Ecological needs of the otter have not been taken into consideration sufficiently by the spatial planners in the course of the operations.

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