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Special protected areas

Special Protected Areas, designated under the Wild Birds Directive, in Slovenia:

  • number of sites: 31 (2013)
  • total area; 5.077 km2, which makes 25 percent of the national territory (2013).

Further information:

Detail maps of Natura 2000 sites in Slovenia are available through the interactive Atlas of Nature Protection, in the field Natura 2000.

Maps are available also through the interactive Atlas okolja (Environmental Atlas, Environmental Agency of Slovenia). Registration is necessary, it runs via e-mail, you will get a »geslo« (=password) that enables you to enter the Atlas (free). After entry, click "Izberi tematski sklop" (Choose theme) and select "Narava" (Nature) and afterwards choose "Natura 2000".

Standard data forms (SDF) for individual Natura 2000 sites are published in Natura 2000 Viewer of the European Environmental Agency, in English language.

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